Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finders Keepers!

Good morning everyone,
This weekend we are looking to get into some consignment shop/thrift store rummaging! What better way to find unique items for your house - just give it a fresh coat of paint and a new home. Buying items and reusing them is also environmentally friendly.

We have noticed there is always a plethora of glass in consignment shops - vases, plates etc. You could buy a few all in one color - green, blue etc. and put them together in one room, or here are a few tips from the DIY network on updating any glass you buy:

Decoupaged Glass Plates

Painted Vases

Here are few more cool DIY tips we have seen on countless HGTV shows:
*Buy an old consignment shop chandelier (make sure it works) - spray paint it black, white, silver, etc - all one color basically. It gives it an updated, modern look!

*Buy an old consignment lamp (make sure it works), give the base an update - spray paint the base all one color, buy a new lampshade and you're done! :)

Also, if you are looking to go consignment shop rummaging, and want to get rid of any clothing, jewelry, accessories, and household items, bring them to Finders Keepers & "the proceeds donated to Doorways are tax-deductible and helps Doorways achieve their mission of providing housing, comprehensive services, and advocacy for women and families to help them use their own and community resources to rebuild their lives and end homelessness and eliminate partner violence."

Donate, help others, & shop all at the same time! :)

Finders Keepers, LLC.
5906 Washington Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22205

Hours of Operation:
10 am - 6 pm Monday - Saturday
12 pm - 5 pm Sunday


Lena May said...

I like the idea of recycling old and making it fresh and new.

The Primed 4 Design Team said...

It's definately fun to do, as well as having something unique for your home ;) We like the idea also!