Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Finds: Mythic®paint

Watching the HGTV Network this week, we came across commericals for Mythic®paint - below is from their website:

Mythic®paint is a non-toxic, ultra low odor paint that provides the durability and coverage you expect from a premium paint without the off-gassing VOC’s and cancer-causing toxins that emit years after drying. Stronger, safer, smarter paint.® Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

Mythic®paint's website is full of information, and we are loving the 1950's look and feel of their branding. I guess they are trying to go back to the time right before all the bad stuff started pumping into the air! ;)

You can order the paints online, and we found Ace Hardware in Washington, DC sells the paint products -

It's really important to be aware and be proactive about the environment, as well as your families health. Certain things are definitely worth the extra money-

Happy Friday!

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