Monday, September 15, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (9.15.08): Don't Be a Wall Flower

Wallpaper has come a long way from your grandmothers floral disaster in the powder room. Today's wallpaper screams to be noticed rather than blend in with the background of your room. With thousands of beautiful and rich designs available, your options are endless. Wallpaper is a smart alternative to painting as its durable and easy to clean and it adds texture, style and personality to any room. It is no longer difficult hang and even more appealing...not hard to peal off. If you're interested in having a green space, wallpaper comes in a variety of natural fibers like bamboo, seagrass, and burlap. Here are some examples of fun wallpaper:

{Cavern Home - Blackbird Kraft}

{Graham & Brown LLB Mystique Wallpaper}

{Inhabit's Wall Flats - Bud}

{The Family - Custom Wallpaper by Lisa Bengtsson}

{Graham & Brown Linda Barker Serenity Wallpaper}

Some wallpapering tips:
*Wallpaper one wall in a room and select color from the wallpaper color pallette to paint the rest of the walls.
*Use a wallpaper with a big pattern, cut a sample of the pattern out of the extra wallpaper and frame it on an opposing painted wall.
*Opt for wallpaper over paint in a room with noticeable wall imperfections.
*Use wallpaper to express your creativity and individuality, think of it as art.

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