Monday, September 29, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (9.29.08): Book Worm Decor

For the avid reader with an extensive library, an unruly book collection can sometimes impede upon our living space. Here are some ways to incorporate books into your decor rather than hiding them.

*Purchase a unique bookcase that is interesting and works as a focal point. Move away from them plain jane bookcases and seek out a stand out book case. This one from Sean Yoo is bound to bring about discussion at your next book club meeting.

*Organize your books by color to create a color spectrum with your literature. Its a rainbow of literature!

*Add built-in bookcases to your room. Built-ins save space and they are a perfect way to design an organizational system that suits your needs. Our friends at Georgetown Development Corporation include built-ins to many of their home designs.


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