Sunday, October 12, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (10.13.08): Chaise Loungin Around

Nothing is better than laying around with a good book or your favorite movie. A chaise lounge (or chase lounge) is the perfect accompaniment for a lazy day. An interesting fact about the origin of the term chaise lounges is that it is derived from a linquistic error. In french, a long chair is called a chaise longue, over time it became known as a chaise lounge or also knows as a chase lounge. A chair to lounge around on. Here are some chaise lounges you are sure to want to lounge around on.

Lounging affordably...
With this chaise from Ikea

or this fabulous dramatic piece from Target

Lounging in STYLE...
With this chaise from Crate & Barrel

With this chaise from Le Corbusier sold at ML2 In Georgetown. Le Corbusier was a leading architect & furniture designer in what is the modern style of today. Thought we would throw in a few tidbits of learning for today! :)



Jessica said...

Its looking fine, you can find more Chaise Lounges here….. said...

This is great! Love all the pictures of crocheted accessories, do you think if I sigh and say, I wish I could crochet, that one day it will happen?? Great guest post.
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