Monday, November 10, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (11.10.08): How to Rejuvenate a Space. P4D's Yoga Studio Makeover!

Our friends at Boundless Yoga asked us to help them refresh their look and open up their basement studio space. They wanted to make the energy that exists at Boundless to be more present in the look of their studio. Working within a limited budget, the P4D team designed a look that was fresh, soothing & fun.

{Main Area of Studio}

{Close-up's of Far Back Wall}

{New Window Treatments}

In the first photo, the studio's before picture, notice the small windows with the short window treatments. To create more height in the room we opted for long sheer window treatments. To increase the feeling of privacy and calm we placed window coverings over the glass with patterns of the sky and a silver lace design. These window coverings let the light in while keeping unwanted views out. In this case the studio overlooks a parking lot.

We took the larger circular mirrors with the remaining smaller ones to fill in the back wall - taking away attention from the fire alarm and the electrical box. We also painted the once white door blue so it fades into the back wall rather than popping out.

Boundless was already painted a really nice blue, but to create an illusion of length, we painted the far walls a shade lighter. While it appears to be a subtle difference (something better seen in person), the lengthening affect is apparent as soon as you step through the door.

{Main Wall on the left}


When thinking through a design - we really wanted to bring in some Indian inspired details to balance some of the more modern touches we added. So we planned out hand painted detailing around all 7 wall sconces in the room, and the altar on the opposite wall.

We are so excited to have been part of this project with Boundless Yoga Studio. They are a wonderful studio and we truly think these small changes will make a big impact. With under $400, we were able to open the space and bring in a boutique feel with hand painted detailing and fun accents. Take a look for yourself at their new studio and sign up for some classes (1522 U Street NW)!

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