Monday, November 24, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (11.24.2008): Illuminating your Holiday Table

Holidays seem to be the time when we dust off the candle sticks holders and light up the table with some mood lighting. Here are some candlesticks options to really brighten your table, and from a place you would never think to look for candles....the Paper Source!

Cayan/Cocoa Taper Candles- these came in MANY fun color combinations.

Platinum Glittery Beeswax, these also come a variety of metal colors as well as in black (which are very cool), ruby, white and rose.

No candle sticks? No worries! Here are some fun stand alone candles for the holidays. The Candle Factory makes these candle baskets that light on every end.

Art Wax makes these great fruit and vegetable candles. Arrange these candles in a nice serving piece and you have a great centerpiece and ambiance.

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