Thursday, November 13, 2008

DIY Tips & Tricks: A Unique Solution for Hanging Necklaces

Good morning everyone! On Wednesday's we are going to bring you DIY tips and tricks from ourselves, or from our wonderful readers. We are starting to get some really great decorating and DIY photos from readers that we want to share. Send in your own DIY tips, tricks, and great room decoration photos and ideas to

We would like to start off with a tip from Jen (one of your P4D ladies):

"This old wooden coat rack was from my parents old house. I really needed storage for all of my jewelry, mainly necklaces. I have a variety of necklaces (in price and in size). We painted the bedroom wall color in a nice soothing blue and all of the furniture in the room is white. So I painted the coat rack white, put it in the corner of the room that is not really seen or used much, and hung up all the jewelry. It would be easy in a really cluttered room for to make it look even more cluttered, but we really try to make the bedroom a retreat and keep it clutter free! By keeping the room sparse, it becomes something nice to look at in the room. It really is a great idea if you have a bunch of necklaces all tangled up in a drawer!"

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Anonymous said...

I would never think to do that! How cool!