Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Art Smart: Last Politically Related Post Ever (We Promise)

Good morning everyone-
We hope this day finds you well, hope indeed being the word of the day.

{Obama Hope Poster by Shepard Fairey, more here)

Irvine Contemporary Gallery in Washington DC currently has the show "Regime Change Starts at Home: Shepard Fairey, Al Farrow, Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky)" from October 18 to December 06.

And lastly, we wanted to leave you with a quote from this article-

"What an inspiration. He is the first truly global U.S. president the world has ever had," said Pracha Kanjananont, a 29-year-old Thai sitting at a Starbuck's in Bangkok. "He had an Asian childhood, African parentage and has a Middle Eastern name. He is a truly global president."

Whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter, what matters most is healing & rebuilding this country.

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Anonymous said...

BOO! We like an apolitical P4D!