Monday, December 1, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (12.1.08): Feeling full? Lighten up!

After the huge thanksgiving meal is over and you are stuffed for days, there probably is nothing more satisfying than lightening your load. Its a perfect time to do some pre-holiday, post gorging cleaning! Here are some tips to lightening up around the house.

*Declutter the stuff you NEED with some organizational accessories. A favorite of ours is the organizer/charger for all your gadgets. The unruly wires can make you crazy, so this is a great gift to get a gadget lover or yourself to keep your wires hidden and your techie needs all in one convenient location. This organizer from Brookstone is the most affordable and has the most charging stations.

*Throw out! This is hard for many (me included) but just get rid of what you don't use. Here are some easy decluttering strategies:

-Share your books! Do a book exchange with your friends instead of holiday gifts or donate them to the shared library you have at work.

-Do a one in and one out policy for clothing and accessories to free up some prime realty for the holidays.

-Get a shredder and go to town. The paper work can be endless and a shredder makes throwing out fun and satisfying. Use the shredding to pack your fragile holiday gifts you're shipping off!

*Get a storage system for your holiday needs. Once you declutter, don't let your decorations and wrapping paper take over your house. The Container Store also has some great holiday specific storage solutions that include gift wrap, ornaments and wreath storage.

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