Monday, January 4, 2010

Design Tip of the Week (1.4.10) ~ Special Delivery!

A unique wall mounted mail box is another way to spice up the front of your house. Here are some fun mailbox options we ran into.

This stainless steel mailbox from Comfort House comes with a leather U.S. Mail label

The Peninsula Antique Copper Mailbox from Bellacor is classic and has a lock!

Post Mailbox from Chiasso looks like a letter!

A small and inexpensive mailbox option from Home Depot that has a simple metal detail and is only around 10 bucks!

Check out P4D's previous post on fun house numbers to pair with your new mailbox!

1 comment:

DesignTies said...

We have the Post mailbox. It took FOREVER to find a mailbox that was sleek and unique. And wouldn't you know it -- a new house was built two lots away from our house, and they have the same mailbox. So much for being unique!!

I really like the Peninsula mailbox. I might have to swap ours for that one so we'll be unique again ;-)