Monday, March 16, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (3.16.09): Shed some light on the subject

Lighting in a room is as important as the furniture and the paint you select. When designing your lighting scheme think about layering your lighting. There are several layers of light you can bring into a room, they include:

*Ambient light is light that is evenly distributed. This includes natural light and overhead lighting.

*Task lights spotlight work areas. Task lighting includes under counter lights where you prep food and reading lights.

*Accent light
s highlight specific features of the room you want to draw attention to. Track lights and adjustable recessed lighting can be used to aim directed light at pieces of art or architectual details.

*Decorative lights are added to a room for aesthetic purposes. These include lamps and chandeliers.

When thinking through a lighting scheme, try to imagine where the lights will shine onto. Ultimately the lighting in a room will create warmth, style and function.

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Helen said...

I used to like decorative lights, but they are harder to clean than functional lights. Functional lights have grown on me over the years. I would rather use my swiffer than glass plus and a paper towel.