Wednesday, April 8, 2009

APRIL Primed4Design{er} of the Month ~ Classic Style Served with a Twist

Laura, of Charlotte, North Carolina loves interior design. She is a regular P4D reader and was kind enough to share pictures of her home with all of us. She has a classic and clean style with a personal and fun twist that really reflects her family’s style and needs. Living in Charlotte, she has integrated some warm North Carolina touches like the palm tree accents seen in many of the rooms.

Laura’s house has some incredibly high ceilings with a lot of intricate and layered molding. She really brought this out in her bedroom where she painted both the walls and ceiling in a cool, grey-blue and used white high gloss paint on the molding to make the molding really pop. A four poster bed and a striking chandelier also contribute to showcasing the rooms best attribute by making your eyes naturally look up to appreciate the high, detailed ceiling. Black furniture, black and white photography, and silver accents give this room a sophisticated look but still inviting enough to take a nap.

The large windows in the front rooms of the house posed a challenge to Laura when deciding how to hang curtains. In one of the guest bedrooms she hung curtains on short rods on each side of the window to frame it while showcasing the window itself. The striped curtains play well into the room, giving it a cozy feel.

The nursery really fits into the look of the rest of the house. The furniture style, the muted pink walls, the mural, and the chocolate brown accents create a chic but classic baby’s room that will be stylish enough to grow with their daughter. Notice that this little girl already has a fantastic chande in her room! Please see Monday’s chic nursery posting for more pics of this nursery.

Laura used a ragged paint effect to warm up their large living area. This technique has the look of crushed velvet as you use a bunched up rag to create a layering effect. To learn how to get Laura’s look please check out next Wednesday's DIY posting on painting techniques.

Her small guest bathrooms also have their own unique charm.

Laura recently updated their kitchen cabinets by glazing them. Using a faux technique, they applied glaze like paint over the regular wood painted cabinets and then rubbed it off to give it a worn or weathered look. It’s a very affordable way to update old cabinets without having to spend a fortune replacing them. Laura spent a total of $2500 to have theirs done whereas replacing them would have been over $15,000. P4D loves a good bargain tip! To finish the look they also updated the hardware.

Notice the beadboard that lines the kitchen as well as the organizing feature that gives the kitchen a functional style.

For more pictures of Laura’s house please check out our flickr acount/slideshow at the top right of this page. Pics will be up in a few days!


Kate said...

Please can I have your bedroom?! :)

k said...

i <3 the beadboard backsplash and kitchen details. fun stuff!