Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Finds: A Chalkboard What?

At P4D we have a guilty pleasure for the off the beaten path accessories. And if we are being honest, I have a small obsession chalkboards and chalk board paint. So with that said- enjoy some of these chalkboard treasures I ran into.

Chalkboard Vases!
I love this idea, its so different and it lets you be a little creative. The best part of the chalkboard vase concept - you can take an old ugly vase hiding in the back of your closet (we all have many) and make it a cute, trendy chalkboard vase by simply painting it with a few coats of chalkboard paint. If you are into pre-made, here is one to order from VivaTerra.

Chalkboard Clocks!
MUST HAVE IT. MUST WRITE ON IT. MUST USE IT TO TELL TIME. And....its magnetic. Get it at Urban Materials and Accessories!

A Chalkboard "Piggy" Bank!
We support Etsy and all that it brings to us. Save in style and purchase this VERY VERY cool Ceramic Chalkboard House Bank. You an even write your saving goal right on there!

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