Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DIY Tips & Tricks ~ Playing Footsie

Brandon and Celeste are a fun couple with a unique style influenced by their time spent in Austin, Texas. They got married on Cinco de Mayo in Hawaii and moved into their first house about a year ago. When decorating their home they really tried to integrate their couple style into all aspects of the house. Here is a fun DIY project that they did to showcase their collection of his and hers "footsie" pictures taken every place they have ever traveled! They bought a bunch of the same frames, then found some fun scrapbooking paper and mixed and matched unique mattings for each of their photos. The result is a colorful collage with a uniform theme and design that all their guests stop to take a peek at.

The playing footsie collage.

Feet on a gondola in Venice.

Just married feet in Hawaii!

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