Thursday, June 4, 2009

Art Smart ~ Seeing Stripes

P4D is proud to bring you the unique art of Carlos Rodriguez. As a Mexican-American, he is heavily influenced by his heritage. His art is inspired by the traditional Mexican Serape blankets; his acrylic on canvas pieces are bright and simply beautiful. Carlos's work is currently featured at the DC metro-based artshow, Artomatic, a very large and amazing free event that we go to religiously. Carlos is very engaged in the local art community, he shows his work nationwide, and sits on the planning board for Artomatic (which is no small endeavor!).

Here is one of Carlos' pieces entitled "Una Primavera Simple"

This is the piece Carlos is currently showing at Artomatic. For other Artomatic pieces visit DCist.

For more information about the artist JourneyCircles has a nice bio. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please contact us ( and we will connect you to the Artist.

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