Monday, June 8, 2009

JUNE Primed4Design{er} of the Month ~ No Plain Janes Here!

Back in February we showcased Kristine's chic apartment style in our Decorator of the Month Segment. For June, we would like to present Kristine's Nana, Jane! We can see this family shares a flair for decorating and a love of unique antiques. Jane has a colonial house dated back to 1848 in an Ohio suburb East of Cleveland. Everything about her house is thought out, you can see it in all her attention to detail found both inside and outside her home.

Lets start from the outside and work our way in. Our favorites: the fence, the hanging plants, and the cotton spinning wheel on the front porch!

Jane's landscaping doesn't disappoint either! Her inviting outdoor spaces are accented with an antique bicycle and wagon wheels.

The kitchen is filled with so many unique much to take in, so little space on this blog. The highlights: the working antique stove, the tin ceiling, and all the fun knick knacks including a cookie jar collection!

Off the kitchen, Jane has a keeping room where they warm up in the winter with their stove fireplace.

Her dining area is adorned with a tiffany lamp and a handmade hutch with pearlized containers made for spices.

In the main floor bathroom, you can be entertained with Jane's message wallpaper (lots of great sayings!) and not to mention more tin ceilings.

Here are some more unique treasures throughout her house.

A high back loveseat

A working victrola (a wind up record player)from the 1930s.

An 1820s organ from Pennsylvania.

Jane's house has many admirers. In fact she has a stack of cards from passerbys that have stopped to inquire about the house. Thanks for giving us a tour, Jane!


k said...

Love the porch and oversized hanging baskets. Also, the keeping room and attention to detail makes pieces of the house pop. How fun is the tin ceilings and exposed brick in the kitchen?!

Anonymous said...

Years of collecting... I want a cool oven!

Anonymous said...

Where's the man room?

Anonymous said...

The decorating idea's just don't stop. The tin ceiling, the blue stove, the old oven, the crocks are awesome. I love the lamps and how cozy the house looks. I wish Jane could come to my house and help put my collections together.Jane your house is OUTSTANDING!!!! I also love the outside and the spinning wheel.

Anonymous said...

Nana (Jane) has a wonderful husband Grampa (Bob), he does not need a "man room" they collect antiques and together they share a passion for their home.

Anonymous said...

cool tin ceilings.

Tim said...

I kinda like the front porch. Yea!

Anonymous said...

what antique is all about

Anonymous said...

Jane, Your home is very pretty and your flowers just pop. I wish I had half your talent.

Anonymous said...

Great house all around

Anonymous said...

I think the cookie jars are great!

Anonymous said...

I sure saw fun idea's for my house, The dining room with the tiffany is so pretty.