Thursday, July 2, 2009

Art Smart ~ Picture Perfect

P4D recently had the pleasure of meeting our featured artist of the week while she was shooting my wedding. All we could all say was just, WOW. Being photography enthusiasts, we immediately wanted to share her work with everyone. If you have a wedding coming up, look no further! And if you have some empty walls screaming for some love, Molly has amazing (non-wedding) photographs for sale!

Luminaire Images is photographer and digital artist Molly Ann, who has been creatively documenting life and love with her right-hand man Matt since 2005.

And this is our personal favorite, but we may be biased!

Molly and Matt's style is markedly cinematic and emotive, utilizing natural surroundings and catching overlooked moments. Molly's award-winning work has been seen in online and print publications such as 944 Magazine,, and Photo District News. She and Matt are always eager to try something new and take their photography to the next level.

If you love photography, check out Luminaire Images'awesome blog, Molly posts some great and inspiring photographs up there on a regular basis.

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