Friday, July 24, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (7.27.09): The Real Deal

Antiquing tells you a lot about today's interior design trends. Recently, P4D went to a great antiquing town in Fredrick, Maryland and took in all the wonderful vintage home decor options available to us. Then while perusing this last issue of Pottery Barn's catalog we saw several pieces that we had discovered in our antiquing trip. Needless to say, as big design nerds, we were so excited to see and identify the merging of history in today's design. Now why share this? Because it will help you sniff out a good deal of course!

Pottery Barn is offering a line of "found" products, acquired collections that Pottery Barn is offering to their customers (a great concept!). We recently found some of these pieces at a large Fredrick antique distributor, Great Stuff by Paul. Here are some side by side comparisons so you can choose the what the real deal is. Some people may want to do the antiquing themselves to ensure its the real deal and may pay a little more for the authenticity or a little less and get a good deal. Others may appreciate Pottery Barn doing the searching and the refinishing of these vintage pieces.

Here are some comparisons:
Pottery Barn's oversized wine bottles priced between $99 and $279.

Great Stuff by Paul's Wine Jugs in Crate for $59.

Pottery Barn's Found Mini Stools are selling for $29.

Great Stuff by Paul has square stools from China for $38.

Pottery Barn's Found Dough Bowls come in two different sizes and are priced between $149-$199.

Great Stuff by Paul has a larger variety of different sized Dough Bowls ranging from $90-$100.

Moral of the story...everything old is new again!

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Amy E. Strodl said...

I love this! we don't have much antiquing here in Las Vegas so it's good to know it's trickling to us via retail. Great post!