Sunday, August 9, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (8.10.09): Feeling Cornered?

Filling empty corners can soften the corners of a room and utilize unused space. Ways to fill that empty space can vary. You can angle furniture or buy pieces that are specifically designed for corner use. Bringing light to corners also makes them feel more part of the space.

Here are some ideas for utilizing your empty space -

*A large plant or a plant on a pedestal. A simple solution for filling a corner. Plants are a must in home, they add so much, and corners are a great place for a large oversized plant (like a tree) or a beautiful plant that you want to showcase alone on a small pedestal table.

*Corner baker's racks or book cases are a good way to add storage to any room.
Here are some good ones from Gourmet Decor for a kitchen...

for a bathroom...

*Create a comfy reading corner with a chair and a small table. This will create another living space within a room and give yourself a little sanctuary at the same time. Bedrooms, living rooms and sun porches are a perfect place for a reading corner.

*Corner shelving is a good way to display pictures, books and/or decorative pieces. Small corner shelving would look nice over a small end table angled in the corner. You can also connect larger shelves at the corner of a room to utilize more space (seen below) as suggested by Apartment Therapy.

*Use a corner for your workspace. Its a good place to create a small home office that is out of the way, a great option if you do not have the space for a seperate office in your home. Here is a great corner desk option, the Alameda Corner Computer Desk for $229.

And just because we have been looking at corner furniture options, we need to share a fave..the Nia Corner Chair from Target!

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