Monday, August 24, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (8.24.09): Going Green and SAVING Green

Since green became mainstream, one of the benefits of its popularity is that affordable mainstream options are out there.

JCPenney teamed up with Danny Seo, an environment lifestyle expert to create the Simply Green line that brings eco-friendly design to your home at an affordable price. The products at JCPenney with the Simply Green designation have all been approved as fitting into one of three categories: organic, renewable, or recycled.

Here is an affordable shag rug made from recycled plastics. This rug was recently showcased in Lucky Magazine and scored some trendy points!

Target has a huge selection of green products that you can find in all of their different departments. So after you go buy your energy saving light bulbs, take a trip down to the dining section and pick up recycled glass dinnerware by Luigi Bormioli (a well known glassware manufacturing company from Italy who is known for their high quality and design).

Another purveyor of green goods is Walmart, who also carries a wide variety of eco-friendly products and has made many efforts to further green their image with building stores with eco-friendly design in mind and working on a sustainability index to rank and label their eco-friendly products. Here are some eco-friendly, quick drying towels. They are made with 100% natural and low-twist cotton so they require 20% less drying time. They are affordable and come in fun colors (seen below in Sorrell).

Buyer BEWARE! Not all products labeled as organic or eco-friendly meet those standards. So do your homework and try to understand what makes the products your interested in actually green.

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