Monday, August 3, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (8.3.09): Curtain Call

Before we get started...THIS WEEK IS OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF PRIMED4DESIGN!!! We are rolling out some fun new features and services you guys will love!!! Thank-you for all of your support and readership, and stay tuned! On to curtains:

Curtains can truly transform a room and don't underestimate their impact when planning out what types of curtains and how you want to hang them. They are a fast and easy way to give a room a new look or some life. They are also a nice way to add elegance and height in your room.

A good rule of thumb if you are hanging your average curtain (no special affects), mount your curtain rod about 4" from the top of the window.

*Here are Some fun ways to hang curtains*

-Frame a window that has shutters or blinds. So you may not need curtains on windows that already have coverage, but they are a nice decorative element in a room.

-Drape a curtain for a dramatic effect. While it doesn't provide much function, it really steps a room up a notch. A good place to drape curtains are around French doors, a bay window, or a series of full length windows (as seen below).

-Use curtains to divide a room. If you have a large open space curtains can provide definition to a space within the room, add privacy to an area, or help to create more rooms where there are none. Studio apartments are a great place to utilize curtains as dividers in order to section off a sleeping area.

-Frame the shape of the window while accenting the shape of the room. Hanging curtains in a room with a peaked roof can look rich and elegant if the curtains run parallel with the ceiling slant. You can do this look with or without a window!

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