Monday, August 31, 2009

Introducing...Primed4Design Decor Boards!!!!!!

Good morning everyone, we hope you had a great weekend! Please note our brand new website button on the right ("Our Services") will be up and running soon and showcase our services for our brand new Primed4Design Decor Boards! We are super excited & almost finished getting that site together so you can order a Decor Board very soon!

Today we are featuring a board we did for Laura in North Carolina, she needed help with decorating her nursery in a classically elegant, yet fun & whimsical style - please take a look:

{Please click on photo for larger view}
The above board are photos of Laura's guest room (that is beautifully decorated by the way!), but she wanted to turn the guest room into a nursery. Keeping the same colored walls and rug, we found items for Laura's Decor Board based on her classically elegant taste and color scheme she liked. This is what we came up with:

{Please click on photo for larger view}

Along with your decor board, you get a customized shopping list featuring explanations and links to items featured on your board:

{Please click on photo for larger view}

Do you have a room that you have no idea how to decorate?! Then please get in touch with us @ and we will work with you to have your very own personalized decor board & shopping list!

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