Monday, September 28, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (9.28.09): Hit the ROOF!

For the most part, roofs just don't get the notice they should. When you buy a house, its not on your list of creative projects. Usually a roof only gets done when it HAS to. But here are some reasons to reconsider just how much a a roof can change the look of your house. Its the hat your house wears so lets get a little creative!

A hands down, class act roof is COPPER. And what is fantastic about copper is that it looks way more amazing as it ages. The end result of the metal oxidizing due to the elements is called patina. Now if you don't have 20 years to wait for that patina look, don't can be aged a little faster through a little chemistry!

First a cheat sheet on copper and how it weathers {chart courtesy of Rutland Gutter Supply and Architectural Copper}

Here is a house with a copper roof which is still new as per its color. {Image courtesy of Design-Ties, who have a really fun blog post all about the many uses of copper in your home! Great job ladies!}

Here is an example of what copper roofing looks like when protective patina forms on it. {Image also provided by Rustland Gutter Supply and Architectural Copper.}

If your not into copper, here was a cool roof we ran into that was modern, fun and just a stand out from the crowd. The red roof plays nicely with the blue exterior color and white accents (which really makes the roof and the details of the house pop)> They also went with an interesting modern design for the front porch - notice the curved roof and the circular cut outs of the porches "railing".

Now get thinking about how you can hit your roof!

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