Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DIY Tips & Tricks ~ Recycling your old records

Two ideas for salvaging your old vinyl records: make coasters or make some fun wall art. If you don't have any records, you can easily acquire them at the few and far between vintage record shops, your parent's basement, or a garage sale.

To make record coasters you have to heat the record to make it softer and then use a drill to cut out the circular center of the record where the label is. A fun idea would be using an entire 45 record (smaller and less work!). Once you have managed to remove the center, you will have to do a little sanding with a sheet of sand paper or a buffing block to smooth out the edges. Spray the label with a sealant so you preserve it. Then you can glue a piece of cork on the bottom so that you don't scratch the surface.

Just for a visual, or if your attempt to turn your records into coasters fails, check out Red Envelopes Recycled LP Coasters

A set of six will set you back less than $25 and each set is unique and fun.

Second option, very easy, frame the record or the record cover. Select covers to group based on a theme, a monchomatic color pattern, or a style of music you like. Urban Outfitters has plain black frames that you can purchase two for $20. They display a Hawaiian theme that is kitschy and fun.

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