Friday, September 18, 2009

Easy Fix Friday ~ From Circus to Fabulous!

P4D reader Melissa in Alexandria, Virginia just bought a home earlier this year. Congrats Melissa! It's a lovely townhome and she loved everything about it but......

...THE CIRCUS BEDROOM! Cue the circus music and a monkey on a unicycle throwing peanuts! Yikes! She wrote us asking for our help & our help fast! Luckily the bedspread wasn't left behind when the seller moved, but the walls where. And don't get us wrong stripes can be done beautifully, but most striped rooms work best in one color tone or 2 at the most, otherwise it will come across a tad like you're under the big top.

Melissa stated she is drawn to the classicly elegant, yet contemporary look. So we gave her our best advice: try a nice white bedspread for the bed, a soothing blue on the wall, coordinating pillows, and white stripes that work as frame/moulding. The stripes even gives the appearance of a headboard framing the bed with....

...A WHITE CHANDELIER STICKER from blik! Cue the classical music and a glass of wine!

And that, our dear readers is how you turn a crazy circus bedroom into a classical soothing retreat! All with a little bit of advice and inspiration from us and a little elbow grease from you. We are bowing as you are reading, Thank-you Thank-you! Please hold the applause. ;)

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