Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interior DecBROrator ~ Design & Individualism

Today our guest Interior DecBROrator is Ryan (Jen's fiance and owner of mean-e), take it away Ryan!:

No matter if your designing for a small apartment, large home or just your living room, a true sign of good design is individualism. Whether or not this always translates to good taste is to be argued case by case, but for the most part a well-groomed space will have some degree of personal character. Think of it as the brush strokes from a painter, broad and loose or tight and mechanical ~ an artist can render the same image as someone else but the manner in which they execute can be the defining characteristic.

When it comes to creating a look and feel for a living space, I personally gravitate towards what's unconventional and what is a reflection of my personality. Everyone in my age group, married or single gets the same furniture catalogue's with a well thought, Madison Avenue scene gracing the cover spotlighting the up and coming wares for the season. For the most part we either glance through in a wanting fashion, imaging in vain how our home would do well to have that new bookend or table or both. But most of our realities in creating a new look for our home lies in what we can re-use or create, mixed with what we can afford.

So what's this really all mean to the budding home decorator?
Don't forget how to be creative! Whether you've got paintbrushes sitting in a box under your bed, belt sanders and other rad tools in the garage ~ break them out try creating something before you buy it.

Just recently to my delight, I stumbled upon "Lost and Found: 15 years of, the 2DK L.A.B". This event is a retrospective gallery show of original works by local name writers and DC Urban Arts Academy students. Custom glass tabletops, skateboard decks used as canvases for paintings and even old records with illustrations were strewn about the exhibit. Almost immediately I'm thinking of how one piece would look great in my home and then it dawns on me...I'm creative. I'm an able person. What's my deal?

Good design isn't necessarily out for everyone to see; sometimes it's under a rock in your head waiting to be let out. If you've got the idea for something unique, you’re halfway there to seeing it in the physical. Start with something familiar if your creating from the ground up, or look at ways to refinish an object you've already have lying around your house.

Just put down the catalogue's every now and then, get out to an art show or vintage store, or get out the paintbrush ~ you may surprise yourself.

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