Friday, September 11, 2009

SEPTEMBER Primed4Design{er} of the Month ~ Textures, Color & Culture!

Good morning everyone! We are super excited to share with you our SEPTEMBER Primed4Design{er} of the Month Selva!

Selva and Javier's home in Alexandria, Virginia is a reflection of Selva's wonderfully eclectic decor taste, as well as a true love of history and art from her home country, Colombia!

Let's start off in the kitchen with one of my favorite! What a fun wine rack to store your wine if you do not have a wine cellar.

Now let's head over to the conversation piece, the mirrored buffet from Horchow! How beautiful is that mirrored buffet?! Not to mention the centerpiece of the buffet ~ A 1908 Baroque style sculpture Madonna inspired by the famous "Virgen de Quito" (Quito's Madonna), also known as "the dancer" sculpted by Bernardo de Legarda in 1734, which now decorates the main altar at the Church of St. Francisco. This madonna represents a turning point of the Quito School of Art (one of the most renowned of the Americas) because it shows a figure with great movement (practically dancing) as a contrast with the traditional static madonnas produced during the 18th century. Absolutely stunning.

It's this mix of styling that really works throughout Selva's home. Also note the very elegant stools, rug and pottery. The bowls that you see at the top are from a series collection of warriors ancient Pre-Columbian Footed Bowls from Colombia, Narino culture, Tuza, ca. 1200 - 1500 A.D.

Check out the corner of the room, on the two triangular pedestals are Quimbaya Standing Female & Male Figures (Pre-Colombian Pottery). Have you noticed how everything ~ the pottery, the furniture, the walls and the artwork all go so well together? When you use earth tones and textures and mix and match, artwork can really stand out.

Behind the couch are 2 beautiful signed lithographs by David Manzur. David Manzur LondoƱo formally started out his artistic career in the 1950´s following what were the strong tendencies and influences in Colombia and the world at this time: Abstract art (either based on the abstract expressionists or geometrical abstraction coming from the influence of fellow Latino Torres-Garcia) and developed his work based on constructivism before finding his forte in the world of renaissance-style drawing in which he excels completely.

In the second photo on the couch is Selva & Javier's beloved Chepe the Shepard...Hola Chepe! We couldn't resist posting him. :)

As you turn to your right you will see three bold and beautiful paintings on a black wall! Yeah we said it! The wall is painted black! And do you know why it works so well? Because of the bright colors and large scale of the 3 beautiful paintings done by Diego Sanchez (Selva's brother-in-law!). Sanchez’s thick application of opaque paint suggests an accumulation of time, as in his images of ancient subjects such as the Roman Coliseum, where his built-up surfaces emphasize the distance between past and present. But the artist’s brilliant color palette and integration of grids and flat geometries separate his images from history with a postmodern edge.

On the orange wall is a hanging tapestry/3-dimensional textile sculpture made by Colombian textile artist, Norma de Bonilla. Her tapestries are constructed of linen and cotton elements, drenched in gold and silver leaf. So fun to look at, and so interesting in color and texture.

The walls are textured (Selva did them herself! Go Selva!) and the dining room feels so inviting and warm with all of the earth tones and textures throughout.

Last but not least...the coolest bathroom ever! I love the simple black and blue color scheme with the white walls. look closely at the beautiful granite bowl sink and counters...the granite is sparkly!!! Love it. It's so simple and such a great surprise when you go into the bathroom.

For more photos check out the full slideshow here. Thank-you Selva and Javier for sharing your home with us! It is full of warmth and inspiration.

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