Monday, October 19, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (10.19.09): Mix and Matching Shutters and Doors

Living in DC, the city of rowhouses and shutters, a way to make your house stand out is by choosing an intersting shutter and door color. Of course when deciding on color combinations take into account the color of your house. But when it comes to shutters and doors, you can really dare to be different and have a little fun. Or go classic and give your house a touch of elegance. Your choice!

Different hues of blues and a red door.

Purple shutters and a hot pink door!

Navy shutters on a light yellow brick (navy door not photographed)

Red shutters, grey exterior and a white door. (personal fave!)

Stark white exterior with blue, blue, blue shutter and door.

Classic black and white (with a black door).

If you think your house is missing a little pizazz, painting your door can really add a punch of color and character. If you have the space around your widows, consider installing shutters to frame the window.

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