Sunday, October 4, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (10.5.09) ~ The elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, a Chinese metaphysical science, is used to enhance positive chi (energy) within a home and neutralize negative chi in order to create an environment that is harmonious and conducive to success, health and prosperity.

The foundation to understanding feng shui is understanding the relationships between the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element has different characteristics including shape, color, direction and material.

Here are the distinguishing features of each element:

WOOD - (Shape) tall, rectangular; (Color) green; (Direction) East; (Material) bamboo, trees

FIRE - (Shape) triangular, sharp, pointed; (Color) red, orange, purple, pink; (Direction) South; (Materials) candles, lamps, lighting

EARTH - (Shape) square, flat, broad; (Color) brown, beige, yellow; (Direction) Southwest and Northeast; (Materials) rocks, bricks, stones

METAL - (Shape) spherical, rounded; (Color) white, gold, silver; (Direction) West and Northwest; (Materials) iron, gold, silver, copper

WATER - (Shape) wavy, indefinite; (Color) blue and black; (Direction) North; (Materials) ponds, pools, fountains, lakes, aquariums

Before analyzing the chi within a home. Classical feng shui first looks at the external environment as this is what determines what kind of chi will enter your home. Each building shape has an elemental value and an impact on the surrounding buildings.

Below is an example of a building with metal chi. The metal element can be identified by rounded or dome shapes. Take a look at this impressive structure with beaming metal chi! This building is the manifestation of the inherent chi of the land in this area. Metal chi, among other things, relates to banking and finance. It is quite interesting to see that there is a bank located within this building as well as a plethora of banks located in the general area.

Here is an example of a building that belongs to the fire element. It can be easily identified by its dramatic triangular structure. This building exemplifies fire chi. Triangular, sharp and pointy structures belong to the fire element. Usually you will see these as church steeples and bell towers. Fire, in the study of the five elements, represents spirituality. Interestingly, most places of worship will have a steeple or other sharp pointed features:

Now, using your new feng shui eyes, take a step outside. What elements do the buildings around your home represent? Can you identify the element your home belongs to? How does it relate to your home?

Elke Zoe of International Feng Shui is our resident Feng Shui expert and guest blogger today. P4D is excited to have Elke share with our readers the interesting elements of this practice. For more information about Feng Shui please visit her website.

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