Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interior DecBROrator ~ Covering all your bases

As the DecBrorator of the month for October, I decided to go with a baseball theme in honor of the playoffs. Growing up in Ohio during the glory days of the Indians, fall and playoff baseball are synonymous to me----not so much anymore, but I digress. Also, growing up in Ohio I was accustomed to lots of space, greenery and pretty much all the comforts that you leave behnd for the city life in a place such as Washington, D.C. So, for all you other Midwesterners or people who had to trade in the spacious house you grew up in for a tiny cell...errrrrrr "apartment" here are some DecBrorating tips from me, Mr. October.

A Single- Man in the Mirror
Using mirrors is a great way to give the illusion of more space or depth into your apartment. Plus, if you are like me they also serve as a reminder of how incredibly handsome you are. Either way, mirrors are a great addition to any apartment for those looking to provide depth and space. I personally like these tiled and tin mirrors from Mexico.

Tin with Tile Mirror - La Fuente Imports has a good selection of these mirrors.

Tin Mirror (from my abode)

A Double- Breathe Easy
Plants are a great way to add color to your apartment and also give you the benefit of feeling like your not trapped inside your apartment. Furthermore, studies have shown that common houseplants such as bamboo palms and spider plants not only make indoor spaces more attractive, but they also help to purify the air!.
Below is a picture of what I like to call the enchanted forest in my apartment. BONUS- You don't even have to be a green thumb to have plants. If I can do it, anyone can.

A Triple- Hall of Frame
Framing pictures of your favorite sports teams or places from your hometown are a great way to bring a piece of home with you to your domicile. I have pictures of Ohio's native Lebron James that I took in Cleveland, framed, and put on display in my apartment (see below). Total Cost: $20......Thank you Michael's and Shutterfly. I also like framing posters of concerts or other events that I have been to. Framing pictures or posters yourself is a low cost way to spruce up your apartment and at the same time show people who you are and what you enjoy.

A Homerun- Play with Fire
If you grew up with a fireplace, moving into an apartment without one (with the only hope of recreating one is the gas stove) is quite a disappointment. Well rest easy because I have the solution for you - CANDLES. I like to use candles to make up for my lack of a fireplace. Specifically, tea light candles and lots of them. Not only do they provide you with the "feeling" of warmth that you get from sitting by the fire, but they are also set the mood or ambiance for that special someone. AND, for the guys, they also have scented candles so you can get that bar smell or dirty sock smell out of your apartment. Guys, I can't guarantee you that candles will get you from first base to home in one night, but you'll have a better chance with them than without them.

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Mr. October


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