Thursday, October 8, 2009

OCTOBER Primed4Design{er} of the Month ~ A lofty idea

Former East coasters, Bette and Steven, made their pilgrimage to the mountains of Colorado and designed this bright, open, modern and just plain fun loft. Designing a loft is no small task, while the space is open and airy, this actually can be more challenging to decorate than a house with several rooms. The challenging thing about loft apartments are defining the spaces so that the open layout doesn't end up looking like one room. Bette and Steven did a great job at creating individual but cohesive living areas to suit all their needs. Thanks to Bette and Steven for sharing pictures of their Denver loft.

A very important element in loft spaces are lighting. Since the floorplan is wide open, lighting is what defines a space and separates it from the other areas.

The outdoor living space is whimsical and inviting with outdoor furniture designed to look like a modern and plush living fun.

And to top it off, you get this view.

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