Sunday, November 22, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (11.23.09): Decorating Your Office

Whether you work in a window office or a cube, here are some easy and affordable tips on how to make your space comfortable but still professional and reflective of your personality despite the company issued furniture and bad lighting.

Accessorize - Bring in your own desk top organizing set, interesting push pins for your bulletin boards, and a calendar with images you love.

The Container Store's Brocade Desktop Accessories are fun with a touch of elegance.

And we love the dual function magnetic/cork bulletin board!

Decorative push pins, buy or make your own like these from Better Homes and Garden

Add some green - for low light offices a calthea plant is a good option, for good direct sun light go for an orchid or a rubber plant.

Fill your blank walls - travel posters or pictures from your own travels are a great way to add some of your own character to the office while still maintaining a professional look. You can buy inexpensive poster sized or large frames from a craft store.

Bring in good light - both standing and table lamps can bring in light you enjoy rather than having to use the fluorescent over head lighting. These table lamps from Ikea are only $14.99 for a set of two!

Declutter with an eye catching organizing system - document boxes and magazine files are a nice way to add some color and stack on your bookcases or lateral file cabinets. Like Ikea's inexpensive magazine files and boxes that come in tons of colors and are under 5 bucks for a set!


Amy E. Strodl said...

Have been looking for pretty pushpins. Thank you!!!!

sara said...

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