Monday, November 30, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (11.30.09): Feng SHUI MonDAY

Elke of International Feng Shui shares more feng shui tips with P4D readers!

In feng shui the main entrance is very important and is known as the "chi mouth" which translates as the entrance of chi (energy) into the property. The main door is like the mouth of the structure and is generally defined as the door that is most frequently used to enter the home or building. Here are some tips in the form of feng shui no-no's to help the flow of good chi into your home.

No-no #1- Steep straight stairs to/from the main door.

I can imagine in the property developers mind that this was a good idea based on maximizing living square footage based on limited land availability, but from a feng shui perspective this is known as "Pulling Nose Sha Chi". The effects of the steep decline from the main door created by the stairs are that all the chi inside the home will eventually drain out. Additionally the garage is located under the living quarters. This is also to be avoided if you seek good feng shui as unstable energy is generated from the in and out entrance right under the home.

No-no #2- Having a drain directly outside the main door.
is known as a "chi puncture" problem. In this situation chi will not be able to accumulate in front of the door. Chi accumulation is associated to prosperity. In feng shui it is believed that a feature like this drains wealth from the house.

No-no #3 - A pole, tree or lamp post directly across from the main door.
Now standing in the main entrance to your home look out from the inside and in from the outside. For good feng shui you want to see a clear open path in both directions. Nothing should create an obstacle to the entrance of your home. The worst example is if there is a light post or telephone pole directly opposite your main door. Likewise, if there is a column inside the home that is visible directly across from the main door looking in. This feature is always avoided as it is detrimental to any occupants of the building. This photo from Istock Photo perfectly demonstrates a blocked main door with a tree.

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DesignTies said...

There are so many interesting "rules" with Feng Shui. We have steep stairs to our front door, so I guess we're losing chi!! I have read, however, that you don't want a direct path to your front door (i.e., curved is best) because it's supposed to keep the bad chi from finding it's way in. Well... I at least have a meandering path and a turn in my front stairs, so all it not completly lost!! ;-)
Victoria @ DesignTies