Monday, November 9, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (11.9.09): Tweens & Teens Rooms

There comes a time in every kid's life that they want their room to reflect their personalities. So how can a parent help their child have a space they enjoy and that can grow with them as they do? Here are some tips if you are helping your tween or teen express themselves through their room's decor.

1. Purchase major pieces of furniture that can grow with them. What does this mean? get a bed and pieces like a dresser that are mature enough to be options for your child of 12 and your teenager of 17. Basic pieces, wood finishes, with no age appropriate frills are a good way to go when selecting these pieces.

2. Use paint to help your child express themselves. Paint can be changed, so let your child pick their wall colors. It will give them ownership of the room as well as help them express themselves creatively. Give them a paint brush and put them to work! Its a fun bonding experience and will make them feel like they were part of the end product.

3. Use accents as the means of bringing character and individualism into the room. Accents are fun, less expensive than major pieces of furniture, and can be changed as your kid outgrows the room's look. Area rugs, curtains, room accessories, and bedding are perfect for bringing color and character to the room. This is where your color, pattern, and theme can really shine through. And since those things need to be replaced after wear and tear anyway, it just makes sense to invest in these age appropriate accessories.

This Pottery Barn Kids room is a good example of how to keep the furniture basic and add the character of the room through the details.

The paint, rug, bedding, lamp, pillows are what make this room look the way it does and it can easily change to look like this room as seen in Delias just a few years later.

Here are some great go-to sites for kids, teens, & tweens room design:

Pottery Barn Kids

The Company Store Kids

JC Penny Kids and Teens


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