Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Day Left to Win!!!!

GIVEAWAY CONTEST ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!! Win your very own autographed copy of The Comfortable Home, signed by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams for us to give to one of our lucky P4D Fan's!

So how do you win? EASY! Click HERE and leave a comment with an idea for a future P4D post. We love to hear from our readers and learn about what they are interested in. So please post a comment and your name on the post with a topic/idea of a posting we can do to make you happy! :)

1 comment:

DesignTies said...

Oh, pick me, pick, me, pick me!!! Please :-) Not that I'm begging or anything ;-)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Chrys has good colour taste :-) And of course, you do to for sticking with the purple logo background :-)