Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Interior DecBROrator ~ The Best Kept Secret of the Urban Bachelor

Today our guest Interior DecBROrator is our dear friend Bruckner, he's got some VERY helpful tips to make your house a home:

This month we turn our focus to the urban man. Think late 20’s to early 30’s, sometimes single or newly dating, more often in a relationship with a great girl he just isn’t quite ready to live with round the clock, so he’s still living on his own and taking steps to shed his frat boy past for a more sophisticated and clean environs. As he starts to move on from his carefree days (and backwards ball caps) where can he turn for advice on how to make his house a home? Some guys might turn to their mom or their sister, but this particular urban man has a well kept secret weapon: his gay best friend.

The past 10 years have seen consciousness evolve, minds open up and stigmas disappear. For the modern urban man the gay best friend isn’t just the guy he pretends to be in a relationship with to avoid getting mauled by a Cougar in a dark bar, he’s the guy that doles out advice about everything from how to deal with relationships, grooming, and of course, decorating.

So as a special holiday gift, my best friend has agreed to let me share a few tips with all you Primed4Designer’s out there who find yourself in a similar set of circumstances, with just one caveat…competition for the gay/straight best friend dynamic is fierce…so find your own or be content to keep working with mom and sis!

1. A well placed rug adds warmth and says something about you. Most modern living spaces are all about hardwood and glass or concrete and glass. Sure, a careful selection of contrasting paint colors will do wonders to add some warmth, but I like to use area rugs to add more warmth and create special boundaries in what can sometimes be wide-open spaces. My favorite spot for a rug – the kitchen. Just be sure to keep it clean!

2. Thread count, thread count, and thread count. Sure, those jersey sheets mom gave you 10 years ago are soft, and it can sometimes be hard to justify spending a lot on your sheets but I’m here to tell you once you make the switch, you’ll never go back. Think 800 thread count or higher, and the more you wash them the softer they get. Paired with the right down comforter and duvet and she’ll never want to leave your bed, consequently neither will you. Remember to think about the colors here, sheets should be a slight contrast to whatever duvet you have on top on them. These are an investment you’ll be able to keep for years. The website Overstock sometimes has great discounts-be sure to read customer reviews, they have great info.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s time to take the prints out of the shoebox under the bed and show off your amateur photography skills. I recently discovered the subtle power of taking some wall space and some black and white photos of you and your friends and family and making it a focal point in your home. It shows off your sensitive side and serves as a conversation piece for dates, parties, etc. Choose a few of your favorite prints and have them enlarged to different sizes, find some similar frames and you’re off.

These are just a handful of ways to help make your house a home and impress your girl, or your guests. Don’t forget to shower your gay best friend with appreciation for all of his helpful tips!

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