Monday, February 1, 2010

Design Tip of the Week (2.1.10) ~ Sheet Music and Lyrics...or decorating

In honor of the Grammy's this past weekend, here are some tips on how you can bring the origin of all music into your home. Sheet music - use it as art or decoupage it creatively into your home decor.

Frame it! Find vintage sheet music to display
Use a double sided glass frame to float the sheet work...this really makes the music pop.

{Photo from BH&G}

Here is a song from a vintage French children's book from Etsy

Decopauge It!
Sheet music vase

{Photo from ThreadBanger}

Other decoupage ideas for sheet music - A room divider, an old trunk, or small stackable storage boxes.

If you are interested in wallpapering with sheet music here is a good how to.

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