Sunday, March 21, 2010

Design Tip of the Week (3.21.10): Find Your Garden Style

The warm weather is getting us thinking about how we want to spend our warm days. Here are some wonderful garden design ideas for different spaces and styles.

Asian Inspired Zen Gardens
Create an Asian inspired garden by incorporating some of these traditional elements: water features, bridges, oriental statues, stones, dry pathways, lanterns, and trees (like Japanese Maples and Magnolias). The design focuses on balance, meaning no one part of the garden should over power the other.

{Photo from Pond Paradis Design, Inc.}

{Photo from The Garden Central}

Roof Top Gardens
Don't have a backyard? Build your garden towards the sky. City living never felt more relaxing than with an urban oasis at your disposal. With a deck like feel, plants, unique space saving designs like built ins, you can have a garden in the concrete jungle.

{Photo from The Garden Central}

{Photo from Blue Sky Landscapes (UK)}

English Gardens
Arbors, pergolas, and archways are key elements of an English garden; adorn them with climbing plants to provide shade for a walkway. English gardens also have a focal point, these can include a statuary or a nice bench. Winding pathways that form sections of the garden, also called garden rooms, are what make English gardens cozy and intriguing.

{Photo from Courier-Journal.Com of Louisville}

{Photo from}

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