Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dandy Chandy Tuesday ~ Mini Disco!

I just found the cutest little dandy chandy that I may just have to order for my NEW MIAMI APARTMENT! YEAH! Check out this chandy from Goldenage.

I have a cute little art deco studio apartment with hardwood floors, and a seperate little dining room area I think this will look just perfect in. It's the right mix of old hollywood glamour just like the art deco building, but also looks fun and modern. Stay tuned for the final chandy I chose!

My fellow blogging P4D partner in crime Chrys has just bought a new home in DC, and I will have a new studio to decorate in Miami. Stay tuned for our many features on our tips and tricks of decorating, and what we are decorating our new homes with!!!!

1 comment:

michele said...

AWESOME! This might the chandy for my hallway ! I need three of them ! : )