Sunday, May 9, 2010

Design Tip of the Week (5.9.10): Mixing patterns

Using multiple patterns in a room can really make your space unique and show you know a thing or two about decorating. Unfortunately, if not done correctly, overusing and mismatching patterns can leave your room looking "unique", and not in a good way. Here are some tips and inspiration to help you mix your patterns successfully!

1. Mix a small to medium sized pattern with a larger one.
2. Keep to the same color palette so the room doesn't become too busy. A monotone color scheme really helps if you are going bold with your pattern choices.
3. Try not to mix more than three different patterns (otherwise it can just be too much!).

This room uses three patterns very nicely, including a small floral and gingham pattern, and a larger stripe pattern in the pillows. A complementary color scheme ties it all together.

{Image from Real Simple}

Two patterns are used here, a medium sized floral pattern with a bold stripe curtain. Love the orange, red and baby blue color combo!

{Image from BHG}

This room goes bold with several patterns in their throw pillows, keeping with the same colors makes this work well.

{Image from Decorology}

Be fearless, pick two bold patterns to cover your walls and your floor. This is adventurous, but done nicely. The monotone color palette helps to tone the patterns down tremendously. Whites and soft colors also make this room work as well.

{Image from Decorology}

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Courtney H. said...

I love the mixed-pattern look and am going to attempt to do it in my latest project -- the baby's nursery. Cross your fingers that my pattern mixing does not look like a box of crayons threw-up in the room:)