Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dandy Chandy Tuesday ~ Miami Chandeliers, Part 2

One of my favorite things to do down here in Miami is walk around and take in all of the art deco buildings/hotels. In fact, I live in an art deco building...No...its not hot pink and yellow...thought I wish it was. Pictures to come very soon!

Many of the smaller boutique hotels down here can be really affordable and just as nicely decorated as some of the larger, more expensive hotels. What these boutique hotel rooms may lack in size, they usually make up for in style. You don't need a huge room anyways because you will only be there to rest your eyes!

Check out all of the pretty images above from the Penguin Hotel that is located right on Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive is the quintessential area that you think of or see advertised for Miami. It was renovated in 2006 and all the rooms are unique, each appointed with one wall entirely covered with a picture portraying flowers, nature and other natural elements. AND EVERY ROOM has a Czechoslovakian crystal chandelier in it! Notice how one nice crystal chandelier can make a room more elegant, it's SO simple. Maybe now you understand why we have an obsession for chandy's? :)

We are such huge fan's of interior design/environmental design, so it's fun to see when a hotel makes every room different, yet the same in a fun, elegant way.

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