Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DIY Tips & Tricks ~ Give Vintage Furniture a New Life!

I've been having a great time decorating my cute Miami studio with a beachy, laid back vibe. I have some new furniture and some old furniture, and nothing says they can't be mixed together for a vibrant look.

I have a stool that was my grandmothers from the 1970's. It's in great condition, but the blue round pillow cover is a bit worn and out of date. So I went to a local fabric store down here and bought the most amazing fabric, it was on sale and I got a few yards of it for only $15.00!!!

So for now I have placed the new fabric (shown in the after photo) over the cushion to see what it will look like, and man does it look pretty great! I am unfortunately not the best at sewing, so I am going to get my friend's grandmother down here in Miami to make me a cover with the fabric.

Grab an old piece of furniture, grab some new fabric, and grab the nearest grandmother to give a great new look to a vintage piece of furniture!

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