Monday, June 28, 2010

Design Tip of the Week (6.27.10): What To Do With Open Wall Space

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Gabrielle submitted the following design dilemma: After 3 years, my living room is almost complete but I have one huge wall behind our big couch that's just naked. What do I do?

This got me thinking about the many couches that sit in front of empty walls. Or how many couches fade into their surroundings. Here are some solutions for Gabrielle and some ideas of how to change your living room look.

1. Paint the wall behind your couch a different color. If the room allows this, picking a contrasting color to create an accent wall is a good way to add some depth to your living room.

{Photo from Casa Sugar}

2. A mirror. Its an easy way to elegantly fill an empty wall white adding more light to a room. Mirrors will also make a smaller room appear larger so this is a perfect solution for a small living space.

3. There is something about uniformity in design that makes a room look clean and crisp. Find some similar pictures or postcards and frame them in the same frame in a line. Picture frames with over sized matting as seen below are a great way to fill your walls!

{Photo from Apartment Therapy}

4. Wallpaper! SO many different types. SO many designs to pick from. A fun way to create a great focal point in your space. You wont need to hang a thing if your wallpaper speaks for itself.

{Photo from Urban Sardine}

{My Home Ideas}


Gabrielle said...

Great ideas! I'm going to try one of them and let you know how it turns out.

The Primed4Design Team said...

let us know how it goes! send some pics of your finished product. :)