Thursday, July 15, 2010

JULY Primed4Design{er} of the Month ~ A Mountain Retreat

This rustic log cabinet with all the modern conveniences was designed and built by a Washingtonian looking for his mountain oasis. This log cabin is an amazing escape for both comfort and design. Thank you to our friend for letting us crash in the cabin and relax in the rustic charm.

Living room with large fireplace and amazing rug!!

A huge reclaimed dining room table to seat a large group.

Custom tin features on the kitchen cabinets and the lighting feature above the island.

Architectural features like notching make the house have a rustic yet finished look.

Interior windows look out from each bedroom to the center of the house.

Outdoor entertaining space and jacuzzi! A great back porch to entertain all the city folk looking to escape the concrete jungle.

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Pandaboy said...

As someone who's been lucky enough to spend time here, I can attest to how great it is. The design comes from the heart and there are thoughtful elements all around reminding you that you're in a special place.

The setting doesn't hurt. You're deep in the woods and a guest among critters and plants you don't usually see in the city or burbs.