Sunday, August 22, 2010

Design Tip of the Week (8.22.10): Let the Sun Shine

I'm currently experimenting with yellow and found that this is not the easiest color to work into a room. My design dilemma was using yellow tastefully and stylishly without over doing it or making the room too feminine. And most importantly, using yellow in a way that I could live with day in and day out. I sought out some inspiration on the many ways you can use yellow in a room. From bold to subtle, from a primary to an accent color...yellow truly does brighten up a room. How bold can you be with this sunny hue?

{Image from Warpedeco Home Improvement}

{Image from Patricia Grey}

{Image from Apartment Therapy}

{Image from BlissLiving Home}

{Image from QwickStep}

{Image from Country Living}

{Image from Qwick Step}


Victoria said...

Great rooms! Yellow can be a challenge... I'm loving it with grey/taupe like the image you found from Patricia's blog.
Victoria (DesignTies)

Michelle Kroll Design said...

Love your blog! Yellow can be challenging but amazing when it all comes together!

(Michelle Kroll Design)

cedar chests said...

The first picture is what I really love among all those pictures. I love the design of the bed room. It is very neat and very relaxing. The color is just perfect. I love it so much.