Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Notice Anything Different?!

Good Morning Everyone! Yes this is exactly what I look like when I write this Carrie Bradshaw with a fancy feather shawl on...right! :) That's actually what Chrys looks like when she writes the blog up North in Washington, in Miami I'm in my bikini! ;)

Notice anything different today about our blog??? We decided after 2 years of a beautiful blog design to switch it up a bit. You still get the same ol' P4D look for the most part, bare with us we are almost done with the complete look, a few tweaks still to come.

Let us know your thoughts...Love the new look? Any suggestions? We would love to hear your feedback! We will return tomorrow with our regularly scheduled program!


Linz said...

I like the new look ! Very user friendly and I can look down your list on the right hand side to hone in on what it is I'm really looking for. Keep it up P4D.

michele said...

I like the new format!! Looks brighter and has balance to the page,with the darker gray sides. Seems to frame the content as well as highlight the ads. LOVE the blog!