Monday, October 25, 2010

Design Tip of the Week (10.25.10): Orange you glad you picked orange?

ORANGE. It brings to the mind fall and pumpkins, perfect for an October topic. While a comforting color, it can be tricky to use, especially as a predominant hue in a room. How do you do that tastefully you ask? Here are some tips when using orange and inspiration to get you started.

Some tips when decorating with orange...
*Use shade variations of orange in one room

*Start with an accent wall, tie a matching or complimentary shade of orange in the curtain fabric, upholstery, or accent pieces.

*Good complementary colors to add to your orange room are teal, purple, brown, and pinks (as shown below - orange and fuchsia are a very striking combination!)

{Photo from BHG}

If your just not ready to paint with orange, accent with it!

{Image from BHG}

But if your ready to take the plunge, here are some ways to dive in.

{Photo from Apartment Therapy}

{Photo from Southernliving}

{Photo from Martha Stewart}

{Photo from Growers and Nomads}

For more great orange ideas see BHG's decorating with orange slideshow

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Anonymous said...

I love orange, but with some limitations. One of my favorite color combinations is red and orange (or light orange -- peach)? So vibrant. I do love color, and sometimes find it difficult to neutralize it enough. Very inspiring post.