Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Tip of the Week (1.10.11): The Key to Decorating

I have been seeing keys lately incorporated into home decorating accessories and I must say that I love that they are so trendy right now. Vintage keys are so interesting both in their design and what they symbolize. A key means access to something to locked away, its so wonderfully intriguing! Here are some fun key designs that you can bring into your decorating. And be sure to check out Wednesday's post for a DIY project using vintage keys.

Decorate your table or dresser with them, like these Garden Key Plates from West Elm.

Use over sized keys as wall art, like these by John Richard from Lighting New York.

Find paintings with keys as the muse, such as Art Zodiac's Deep Blue Skeleton Key on Old Book Pages available through Etsy.

Stick it on your wall! Love the key wall decal from Grey Wolf Graphics on Etsy.

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