Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dandy Chandy Tuesday ~ Pressed Glass Chandelier

Gorgeous, gorgeous pressed glass chandelier from the sculptor Elizabeth Lyons. From her website:

As an award-winning sculptor and glass artist, Elizabeth Lyons brings her unique vision to her chandeliers and sconces. Lyons was inspired by forms found in nature and by the specific, formal qualities of the materials: glass and steel. The structures' geometric forms in steel are juxtaposed with organic shapes hand-blown and sculpted in glass. Each fixture is a balance of masculine and feminine qualities.

“I like the idea of creating beautiful sculptural objects that have a purpose in peoples’ lives. A chandelier should glow and at the same time cast beautiful light throughout the space.”

All of Lyons’ chandeliers and lighting are designed and created by hand in her Rochester, NY studio. These custom works are available directly through the studio.

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